Comments from some of our learners

Fiona Hunting

I passed with Dave around 4months ago ,never thought I would be driving now but I am ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘thank you Dave

Pippa Kerr Nicholson

Thank you Dave for being such a fab instructor and making Raya feel so relaxed and giving her so much confidence

Rosie Staton

Dave is so calm and chilled out, I would 100% recommend to anyone wanting to do automatic lessons. He made the lessons enjoyable as he is so funny and kind. His feedback after and during lessons was always excellent and very helpful !! Very reliable and can always make time for you !

Tasha Stacey

Great driving instructor highly recommend!

Gemma Norrish

Passed with Dave - very patient and calming!

Carley Barsacchi

This man is simply AMAZING at what he does! Genuine, knowledgeable and really funny to drive with. I managed to pass my test first time with Dave and I truly didn´t believe that it would be possible..... if he can teach me he can teach ANYONE!!! I look forward to doing my pass plus very, very soon! Thank you Dave you awesome human!!! Xxx

Laura Morter

Highly recommend Dave excellent instructor i passed with him 2 years ago today

Christine Walker

Not only did he teach me to drive he was also kinda my counsellor
Brilliant instructor and a top bloke, was a pleasure learning to drive with him

Amy Eagle

I struggle with self confidence and had given up all hope of driving due to a negative instructor, I then had a taster lesson with Dave Pickford and had to give it another go. Dave gave me the Confidence to try again. He was patient, compassionate and didn´t make me feel stupid when I made mistakes, I went from hating driving lessons to looking forward to it every week and I PASSED 1st time..... I wouldn´t recommend anyone but Dave Pickford. Honest, Reliable and would rather see his students PASS than see his pockets lined.

Kelly Barden

I would recommend Dave to anyone who is wanting to learn to drive automatic, heโ€™s professional, explains things in clear way for you to understand and above all puts you instantly at ease. I was 35 when I eventually decided to bite the bullet and learn to drive, being way to nervous to learn in a manual I decided to give automatic a go first before giving up all together. I can honestly say it was the best decision I ever made, I can now run my daughter here, there and everywhere. Dave is down to earth, puts you at ease instantly and has ok banter lol.

Rachael Dixon Smith

Highly recommend Dave! Great instructor makes it easy to learn to drive

Kate Dawson

Dave is an amazing instructor.hes very calming for the inexperienced and make learning to drive a pleasure

Kelsey Danielle Cullum

Cannot thank Dave enough for all the help and encouragement he´s given me the past few months! So highly recommended to anyone!

Laura Bracey

Dave was amazing, I had previously failed 3 deiving tests before I met Dave due to anxiety and dyslexia. I found him to be relaxed and calm and importantly made my driving lessons fun, I loved the way he thought out of the box in order to teach me certain maneuvers due to my dyslexia. I passed first time and only 3months later. I cant thank him enough for giving me the confidence to drive and the confidence and belief in myself

Sabrina Anna-Marie Hartnell

Dave is a excellent driving instructor. I highly recommend him. We had good laughs and jokes while learning to drive Iโ€™m glad I passed my driving test with a good instructor

Donna GM Bush

I cannot recommend dave pickford enough! I was extremely nervous about taking the plunge n learning to drive but dave put me completely at ease. If you´re considering lessons-u wont find better!

Natalie Merritt

Dave Pickford is possibly the best driving instructor in North Norfolk he is a fabulous bloke who puts learners at ease and makes learning to drive an enjoyable experience I would recommend Dave to anyone who wants to learn to drive

Sandie Smith

Learning to drive with Dave was a thoroughly positive experience. Dave is highly professional, responding to queries in a timely manner and is able to signpost prospective clients to other/any resources they might need. I always found Dave to be cheery, he is soon like a friend as opposed to instructor. Dave is an excellent choice for those nervous about learning to drive, always putting you at ease. He has the ability to transfer these skills regardless of age/sex or social standing. I would also suggest Dave to be an excellent choice for those who have failed before or wanting to change instructor. I took one of Dave´s intensive courses. This was at a very competitive price and Dave made every effort to fit my demands in amongst his schedule. He organised test dates etc and never lost confidence in me which I found very empowering! His ability to merge safety and safe, competent driving is sexing to none. One word of warning - he´s a chatty soul . If Dave Pickford can get an older, nervous, failed before in a manual car, mad lady like myself to be a competent driver in a short space of time, I´d suggest he can help you. Go for it, it´s changed my life - thanks Mr P!

Victoria Randle

Best Driving Instructor Ever ! Makes Learning To Drive Fun And Exciting .... Il Be Sending Plenty Of Friends Your Way Dave

Claire Flossy Palmer

Dave was a very patient instructor. He undid the damage to my confidence after an awful experience at another driving school. He listened to me, taught me well, and got my through my test on the first try. He then gave me a needed confidence boast by taking me on a 3 hour drive years after my pass as i was about to buy a more powerful car and needed to know I´d be comfortable and confident in a newer car. I will always thank Dave for my freedom and continue to recommend him

Becky Collings

I am soon due to do my test but felt I had to post how great Dave´s been.. Especially with helping me juggle things around! Been an angel even if he´s been a bully lol. Big thank you kind sir!! Appreciate your help and how productive lessons are

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