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I´m 40, have anxiety, and had bad experiences with instructors in the past. I figured I´d give it one last shot, and thankfully met Dave Pickford! I have just passed my driving test first time and now have freedom I never thought I´d...

Thank you, from the bottom of heart. I couldn´t have done it without you

Hi Dave! Thank u so much for everything... if it was not for u i would not be sitting in my living room thinking omg i can drive... i have actually passed my test :-) eeek! Finally told everyone now... my mother in law was made up i achieved what i wanted...

Dave thank you very much for all your help and support, i don´t know what to say but i cant thank you enough, keep up the good work

Honestly cannot thank you enough for all your help and support, regaining my confidence, and all with a smile! Keep promoting Brucie for me, and it´s an honor to have passed in Bumble! Drove down to George´s office already and even reversed...

I PASSED my driving test!! I´m buzzing!! Dave Pickford I can´t thank you enough!! Thanks for everything!! Thanks for putting up with me :-) so happy I can´t stop smiling!!!

Huge thanks to you Dave pal To quote Vinnie:- "Its been emotional !" Your support has been second to none and I thank you for making driving a pleasure as opposed to a fear ! Look forward to seeing you around I am sure and, to build on the positive,...

Thanks Dave for your patience and help in making this happen!!

Thanks gain Dave... I´ve not stopped smiling yet :-)

Nice one mate, thank you again Dave, you the best!

Many thanks Dave, your tuition is brilliant, and I would recommend you to anyone who is thinking of taking lessons in an automatic. Very relaxed atmosphere, and a pleasure to know you. Once again thanks, this really means a lot to me.

Hi Dave,

Thank you very much for all your help! All the lessons have been amazing.. Thank you for all the guidance, the patience and the moral support given to me. You are a brilliant instructor! I am gonna miss the lessons with you.
Hey Dave i just wanted to say thank you so much for all of your help with my course. im still smiling and my phone has been non stop, once again a massive thank you :-)

Wanna say a big thank you to my brilliant instructor Dave Pickford for putting up with me for so long and getting me through this. Am so happy

Can´t believe I´ve been driving a year already.....that time has flown by and my life has changed so much for the better....so thanks Dave for all the support u gave and continue to give....u r just fantastic

Thanks for all your help Dave

Thanks Dave, couldnt have done it without you. Everyone - I highly recommend Dave Pickford if u need lessons, patience of a saint!

I´VE PASSED MY DRIVING TEST!!! I honestly can´t believe I did it, it still hasn´t sunk in yet. Big thanks to Dave Pickford for all your help from start to finish its been great fun :)

Thank you Dave for all of your support, patience, enthusiasm and confidence in me! You have made all the difference to my driving so I could finally get the result I´ve wanted :)

Dave, Despite having such an early test, and the both of us struggling to get up! It was all worth it. Thank you for getting me to that end goal of a pass, your words of encouragement really helped! Thank you for everything and good luck in the future...

Thankyou Dave for all the help you´ve given me that has enabled me to pass my test. I have really appreciated your patience and support

Cheers Dave! Thanks for everything, great teacher and a great bloke to match!!

Thanks Dave, you´ve been brill!!

Thank u Dave....It"s been a great day and I´m so pleased I´ve done Pass Plus as I´ve got my confidence back so massive massive thanks to you

I passed my driving test with my brother Dave and just wanted to say a huge thanks.

This means so much to me to be able to drive now especially for work, you have gone out of your way to make sure we could get the lessons in to help me reach...

I have passed my driving exam with help of Dave Pickford. If you ever struggle with passing the test or not feeling very confident when learning to drive - try with Dave. Just have a go and you will see a difference!

The instructor is very patient to teach,make my dream come true--driving car , many thanks to Pickford.

Thanks for all your Help & Support Dave

Thank you for everything Dave, and more importantly the pre-test McDonalds ;) x

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